Why did I want to become an advanced rider? John Kendall explains

March 25, 2021

Although I had a full license, I had been away from big road bikes for many years. As the kids moved out and I had more time, I wanted to join my friends on their yearly trips away.

I bought a KTM but didn’t feel I had the skills to ride safely, especially with more experienced riders.  A friend recommended the IAM RoadSmart training and it was brilliant!  After a few lessons I felt so much more aware of how to ride safely and progressively.  Riding was fun again! I passed my test, which wasn’t as scary as you might think, and haven’t looked back.


I’m now one of WaBAM’s observers and enjoying trips with my friends.  So far I’ve travelled to the many parts of the UK and also the Pyrenees and the Picos in Spain.  I’m now busy planning next years trip to the Pyrenees and Rhône Alps in France.

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