Why advanced motorcycling?

March 25, 2021

For Patrick it was a desire to become a volunteer Blood Biker

Approaching retirement after 47 years as a meteorologist, and with 25 years motorcycling experience, Patrick realised he needed something new and worthwhile to keep him active.

After a presentation at the Rotary Club by Freewheelers EVS, the local Blood Bike charity, Patrick decided this was his calling! But understandably they require an advanced riding qualification for their riders.

Patrick signed up with IAM Roadsmart and his local group Wiltshire and Bath advanced motorcyclists provided the training. He thoroughly enjoyed the course and passed his test. He then further improved his skills by training to become an Observer so that he could help others become a safer and altogether better rider.

Patrick is now a volunteer Blood Biker, using his advanced riding skills to safely deliver important medical items for the NHS throughout the West Country during the night.

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