Bernadette - Why did I decide to do the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course?

March 24, 2021

Well, having obtained my bike licence via the Direct Access System, I didn’t feel that it had taught me how to really ride a motorbike.

Sure, I could operate the controls and get from A to B in one piece but something was missing; I was a car driver who happened to ride a bike. And I wasn’t making best use of the machine - and I may also have dropped it a few times!

The IAM Advanced Rider Course transformed my approach to riding and with that my confidence and ability improved. The single most beneficial aspect for me was that it made me really think about what was going on around me and use it to my advantage.

Looking around, take in the information and use it to plan how you’re going to handle the situation – be it lovely sweeping roads with good twisty bits or choosing the most appropriate parking place; a real issue for us height challenged ladies, too much lean and I can’t keep the bike upright!

Being a member of WaBAM has given me the opportunity to ride with people who ride to a high standard and as a result I have become a much better rider. I’m not complacent and still approach each ride with a degree of caution but also with the knowledge that I am better equipped to stay safe.

Having got so much from the Advanced Rider Course I wanted to share the experience and became an Observer in 2016 so I can now assist others in becoming safer riders.


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