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These guidelines describe a series of techniques that will assist groups of riders enjoy their riding, in such a way that safety is maximised without affecting enjoyment.

A current IAM Roadsmart membership is required to participate in WaBAM group rides, ASSOCIATES (riders in training) may join the short rides on the first Sunday of the month, (BUT PLEASE GET APPROVAL FROM YOUR OBSERVER BEFORE ATTENDING) long rides on the third Sunday of the month, are open to FULL MEMBERS only. (FULL MEMBERS - have taken and passed their advanced rider course test) Participants should perform pre ride checks on their motorcycle before the ride, to insure it is safe and legal to ride, valid tax, MOT (if required) and insurance should be in place. ( IAM Roadsmart insurance only covers members for public liability)

NEW MEMBERS- If your joining one of our group rides for the first time, the ride leader, TEC or more experienced members will be more than happy to help with any points your not sure about or questions about group riding.

THE MARKER SYSTEM- The Ride Leader, remains at the front & is responsible for the route, comfort & fuel stops, please DO NOT overtake the Ride Leader, Tail End Charlie (TEC) always remains at the rear. (TEC will usually be wearing pink or orange hi-vis)

The rider following behind the Leader pulls over, to a position indicated by the Leader, safety is paramount so the marker must be comfortable with their position but ensure following riders can clearly see their directions, please use hazard lights and direct with hand signals, not indicators.

Mark a junction if you think it's necessary or the Ride Leader forgets to indicate, if a junction is not marked assume its straight on, roundabouts should be marked on the exit being taken, if it's a large roundabout a marker on approach can help with directions, please DO NOT leave the marked position until TEC arrives, TEC will leave space for the marker to pull out, if traffic conditions don't allow this, follow behind & TEC will slow & allow the marker to pass ASAP, the last rider to please keep TEC in sight in case they encounter a problem, look out for other riders entering the group who are taking a different route do not follow them.

Riders wishing to leave the ride before the end should let the ride leader & TEC know in advance & wait for TEC to pass before departing.

SPEED & POSITION- Please ride at a pace you feel comfortable with & not feel any pressure to keep up with the rider in front, allow a safe following distance at all times, a staggered formation is recommended when riding near other group members, or when waiting at junctions.

OFF SIDING- Crossing the central road markings for a better view of the road ahead, on left hand bends, is discouraged, especially where it may cause concern to other road users & and is not promoted by IAM Roadsmart.

OVERTAKING- Overtaking within the group is sanctioned but is discouraged in posted speed limit areas, riders should anticipate being overtaken, so please use rear observation, overtaking should be done safely legally & with courtesy.

PERCEPTION- Group rides are more visible to other road users, so, show them your skills and ride in a manner befitting of an advanced rider.

FUEL STOPS- For longer rides, ride leaders will plan fuel stops, please plan ahead, if you require a further fuel stop please ask the ride leader at a rest stop, fuel stops on route will delay TEC and possibly cause a marker to leave their position before TEC arrives, causing the ride to separate.

BREAKDOWNS- It is participants own responsibility to ensure they have breakdown cover, TEC will stop to check the rider, and possibly help move you to a safe position, TEC will not wait, unless there is a safety issue, delaying TEC may cause markers to leave their position early, causing the ride to separate.

INCIDENT MANAGEMENT- If an incident occurs TEC will take control, TEC will contact the Ride Leader to wait ahead in a safe position, volunteer sent ahead to contact markers, riders return to scene only, if necessary, no member should be allowed to ride unaccompanied with a minor injury or damaged bike.

Participants are advised to make a note of the ride destination, which will be advertised in advance, just in case they become separated from the group.

Riders taking part in group rides are responsible for their own riding and marking, and as advanced riders & members of WaBAM should ride safely & legally.

NEW RIDE LEADERS- There is no test to past to become a WaBAM ride leader, however there is an apprenticeship in the lead up, you would need to be a confident rider, happy for other riders to follow your lead, a regular attendee of WaBAM Group rides would be a good idea, so you have an understanding of what's involved, volunteering as Tale End Charlie is recommended, and would be good experience and finally the Rideout co-ordinator would need to be confident that you can take on the job, if you have any questions about ride leading the Rideout co-ordinator would be happy to help and can be contacted by leaving a message on this website.

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