Group ride 16 January 2022 to Landford Garden Centre

What started out as a rather gloomy day turned into a sunny ride around Wiltshire, West Berkshire and probably a bit of Hampshire (I lost track after a while) very ably led by Patrick with Mike doing TEC duties. 15 of us set out from Devizes and we did the usual wiggly route to our destination, Landford Garden Centre just off the A36 south of Salisbury. We took in the New Forest for a short while avoiding the ponies and I'm sure I saw some long-horn cows at the top of Hackpen Hill. The road conditions were interesting to say the least, 15 filthy bikes arrived at the garden centre and there was some frantic cleaning of headlights and indicators before we set off for the return journey. The pressure washer had a good workout when I arrived home and at one point something dropped off the bike that I seriously thought was a bit of fairing but was greatly relieved to discover it was only a chunk of mud and Wiltshire countryside that had baked on to the underside of the bike. Anyhow, it was a lovey ride with good company so thanks to all involved.

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