The first step is to become an associate member of IAM RoadSmart and to sign up to one of the courses to do this please use the link to

Once you have completed the online application, your details will be sent to us and the real process will start

You will be contacted by our Assocaite Coordinator, who will provide you the details of the “Observer” who work with you on a one to one basis, to identify where we can help improve your riding skills. 

Your observer will contact you (usually by phone) to arange the initial ride, and agree a mutually convenient time and place (we have observers who can do weekday rides as well as those who can do evenings (whilst it’s light), and of course weekends. 

You will be provided documentation by IAM RoadSmart, which is the same as the observer will be using to help you, so please start reading in advance of your first ride, thereafter your observer will indicate what to focus on to get you to become a thinking rider, and hallmark of the an Advanced rider

Once your ready for your test one of our senior observers, who have been approved by IAM RoadSmart as National Observers, will ride with you on a “mock test” just to check…. we have high standards with 97% of all who take the testing passing first time